What Women are Saying About the Va j-j Visor


Thanks Va j-j Visor! I never thought I would ever be able to muster up enough nerve to have another bikini wax again until now. My first experience of having a bikini wax was very humiliating and uncomfortable. I now feel protected and comfortable while wearing the Va j-j Visor during my bikini gloriawaxes and no longer worry about someone touching that area of my body or feeling totally exposed. I am so happy that someone FINALLY created such a wonderful product for this procedure.

Gloria - Houston, Texas


I love my Va j-j Visor!!! These little disposable shields rock! I have used depilatory creams to rid my bikini hair for over 5 years, but was never satisfied because I couldn’t get rid of the hair closest to my inner labia area for fear of getting the cream in places it shouldn’t go. Once I had the Va j-j Visor securely in place, I applied the cream right up to the shield and all my hair in that area was completely gone with no rash or irritation from having the cream go in places it wasn’t intended. I can’t believe how good the Va j-j Visor fit and stayed in place.

Harriett - Orting, WA


Where was the Va j-j Visor all these years? I can’t believe no one has ever thought of this great invention until now. I love using the Va j-j Visor while in the tanning bed. I am a bit of a germ-a-phobic and have always worn swim suit bottoms or a thong while tanning because I didn’tgloria want to expose my own Va j-j to whatever may be lurking around in the tanning beds. Now I can say "goodbye" to those tans lines. P.S. I also like that this product is recyclable, I’m also a bit green.

Madilyn – Santa Barbara, CA


Wow! I have to be honest when I first heard about the Va j-j Visor, I thought it would be a great product for use while waxing or using a depilatory crème. I didn’t think it was necessary if I shaved as you say - my hair down there. I have always shaved and felt like I was able to protect sensitive areas just fine on my own. gloriaI was a bit skeptical but decided to try a Va j-j Visor anyway. All I have to say now is WOW! I was able to get a really close shave, closer than ever before. It is such an easy product to put on and I felt I was extremely protected. When I was finished I felt so clean. I will never shave without the Va j-j Visor again!! Thanks Va j-j Visor – what a great product!

Brandy - Seattle, WA

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