Here I am!

Let me introduce myself; my name is Va j-j Visor®, Women’s Protection Made Wiser™. I am the first of my kind in protecting a woman’s Va j-j; I am unique, I am special and I am necessary!

I was invented to protect a woman’s Va j-j… that’s right to PROTECT WOMEN’S VA J-J’s. From what you ask? Well…from all the evils lurking about ready to pounce on women’s Va j-js all over the world. I will do whatever it takes to insure your Va j-j is protected and your modesty issues are “covered”.

And what a daunting job!!!

Do you know how much danger women expose their Va j-j’s to every day?

It’s crazy!!!

  • They put hot wax near their Va j-j!
  • They use razors near their Va j-j!
  • They put hair melting and coloring creams near their Va j-j!
  • They color their hair “down there”!
  • They tan their Va j-j!
  • They even pierce and tattoo near their Va j-j!

They do all this and do nothing to protect their Va j-j. That’s where I come in….

All you have to do is…Correctly place me over your Va j-j and I’ll do the rest!

I will:

  • Protect you from nicks and cuts while shaving
  • Protect you from UV rays and labia darkening while tanning (keep it pink ladies!)
  • Protect you from hot waxes during bikini hair removal
  • Protect you hygienically while you try on intimate apparel or bathing suits
  • Protect you during tattooing or piercings “down there”
  • Protect you from burning when using depilatory creams, hair color and during laser or electrolysis procedures

As you can see I am very useful. A must have. I belong in every woman’s shower, hand bag, gym bag, makeup bag and overnight bag.

I am a revolutionary new invention. AND if I do say so myself I am pretty AMAZING!!!!

Thank you for reading my story ...and don’t forget to tell all your friends about me ?

Va j-j Visor

Va j-j Visor

SCI (Super Cool Invention)