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VJJ Enterprises, Inc. is the manufacturer of this new revolutionary protective vaginal shield. Why call it the Va j-j Visor you ask? Well for those of you who haven't heard the term Va j-j (a/k/a VaJayJay, Vajj, VayJJ, Vajaja), this is another word used to describe the female anatomy. The Va j-j Visor has finally evolved and we are safely bringing sexy back, one vajayjay at a time!

What On Earth Is The Va j-j Visor?

The Va j-j Visor is a revolutionary, patent pending, protective vaginal shield designed to help protect a woman's inner vulva area (inner labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening). The Va j-j Visor is a soft and flexible cup that covers the inner vulva area and naturally fits the shape of your body, while your body's natural muscular tension holds it effortlessly in place. It is also hypoallergenic, disposable and recyclable.

Why Do I Need The Va j-j Visor?

The Va j-j Visor will help protect all of those tender and sensitive parts that you don't want exposed during various methods of hair removal. Brazilian and bikini waxing, depilatories and shaving, hair coloring, tanning or spa treatments. It can also be used as a hygienic shield while trying on swimwear or intimate apparel, and during body piercings and tattooing.

  • Disposable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Provides hygienic protection
  • Recyclable
  • Doctor recommended
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Patent pending
  • Tested and approved for laser hair removal
  • CE Certification



Who Can Use The Va j-j Visor?

If you have the appropriate anatomy ~ in other words, if you're female ~ then the Va j-j Visor is right for you!

When Do I Use The Va j-j Visor?

Hair Removal/Hair Coloring: The Va j-j Visor allows you to remove more hair "down there" than you ever thought possible (or perhaps than you ever knew existed!) by protecting your most sensitive skin from depilatory creams, hot wax, razors, and scissors, as well as during laser and electrolysis treatments. It also provides protection during hair coloring "down there". With the Va j-j Visor you'll have no more worries about chemicals, burns, nicks, or cuts.

Tanning: The Va j-j Visor covers your most delicate skin, assisting in protection from UV rays and labia darkening while tanning. It also shields the inner vulva during spray tanning.

Other Uses: The Va j-j Visor helps provide hygienic protection while trying on swimwear and intimate apparel and provides coverage and privacy during body piercing and tattooing.

Doctor Recommended: A well-respected gynecologist in Tacoma, Washington assisted us in the development of the Va j-j Visor. He answered pertinent questions, gave expert input and opinions, and found that the Va j-j Visor offered a great fit and would help in protecting the inner vulva area during its various uses.

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